Clou won CSA approvals on ESS products.

Recently, Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co., Ltd.(hereafter referred to as “Clou”) has obtained the certification from CSA Group on its grid-scale container-type ESS(energy storage system), making it the second company in the world to have won CSA(C/US) approvals on ESS.

CSA Group, which has signed a mutual recognition agreement with UL, is considered to be the biggest standard setting body in North America and has been widely acknowledged in the application areas of grid-connected ESS. Clou has attained Certificates of Compliance on its PCS and energy storage batteries as well as an ESS Field Evaluation Report from CSA(C/US). The range of CSA’s certification standards primarily includes structure evaluation and test evaluation on ESS and various kinds of energy storage batteries used in PV products, wind energy systems, back-up power, communication base stations. The test evaluation on ESS covers electrical tests (tests on overcharge, shortcut-circuit, dielectric voltage withstand, heating and electrical components, etc.), mechanical tests (tests on static pressure, dropping and mold stress, etc.) and environmental tests (tests on thermocycling, salt spray and humidity, etc.)

In recent years, there has been a huge demand for ESS products in both domestic and foreign markets. The increasing application of Clou’s advanced energy storage technology in the market not only further establishes its dominant position in the energy storage industry but also exerts a positive effect on its main business revenue growth and sustains profitability. The certification helps Clou’s to further open the global market, especially the North American market, with its ESS products by indicating that every technical index and key functions of Clou’s ESS products are in conformity with the requirements of global consumers. In the near future, Clou will continue to strengthen the development and distribution of high-end ESS products in overseas market in order to achieve the localization operation of its oversea energy storage business.