INTERSOLAR Europe 2015——Clou Electronics Opened a more Splendid Chapter!

September 03, 2015, The INTERSOLAR 2015 was held in the Neue Messe Exhibition Center of Munich, German on June 10, 2015. As the largest and the most influential professional exhibition for the solar industry so far, INTERSOLAR has gathered all of the representatives from renowned enterprises of the industry.

Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co.,Ltd. appeared the grand exhibition with its innovative PV products in the field of renewable energy. Clou’s advanced products and cutting edge technologies such as string inverters, photovoltaic pump system, PCS and bidirectional converter, etc. have presented global customers a with comprehensive display of its core technology and relevant system solutions.

In this exhibition, technical experts and sales teams have been provided by Clou to introduce its products in a systematic and comprehensive way. And a great number of customers were attracted to have a close look at its products. In-depth and detailed communications have been conducted between Clou’s senior managers and its potential customers, offering a great opportunity to further demonstrate its technical strength.


With rich industry experience and strong research and development ability, Clou advances with steady steps in the PV industry. All along, Clou has been committed to promoting the optimization and utilization of global energy and providing customers with high-performance products, integral solutions and a full range of technical supports through its innovations and services. In the future, Clou will cooperate with its upstream and downstream partners to jointly push forward the development of PV industry and accomplish its goal of being a world-class energy service provider.