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Clou renewable energysolutions improves and transforms the economics and viability of renewableenergy, while enhancing grid stability, as generation from these distributedsources continues to grow. The ability of energystorage to shape, firm and time-shift intermittent resources like solar andwind power has been anticipated for years, and is now economically viable withthe decreasing costs of energy storage. Distributed energy storage at the edge ofthe grid creates a “dispatchable load” that can be used to absorb excessgeneration from solar and wind, just as importantly, it can generate power whenthe sun is blocked or the wind dies down, enabling ever more significantdeployment of renewable generation on the grid.Clou ESS fullysupports all forms of distributed energy storage—from the utility-scale storagenear generating plants or along the transmission lines to enterprise-scalestorage at the edge of the grid. By integrating the functions needed to manageenergy storage, and then aggregating that storage into ”grid–scale” capacity,We are able to tap the full potential of distributed renewable resourcesanywhere on the grid.For generation at commercial and industrial sites, our ESS allows forthe PV energy to be integrated directly with the battery system, acting as abuffer, and then utilizing the PCS (Power Conversion System) to follow theconnected load of the building, or time-shift the recharge/generation cycles toachieve the highest economic value. Capturing excess generation to meet demandas needed, including at night, can create a “net-zero” energy environment.


Our energy storage system could apply in commercial and industrial buildings, It features outstanding energy efficiency as electric power generated by Li-ion battery is kept in ESS and is used on an as-needed basis.

Reliable electric power is critical to the operations of commercial, industrial, and institutional users. Clou offers a broad range of rugged, cost-effective ESS designed to meet the stringent needs of these applications. And we can provide a wide variety of services for power users as well.

Residential solutions for a Clean Energy Home

Our ESS let you store excess energy generated by wind and solar so you can use it when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing. Storing energy enables you to consume all the energy you produce and control your energy costs. Batteries also provide resiliency during storms to ensure you have critical power when the grid is down. While there are some differences for people living tied to the grid or off-grid, batteries play an assortment of roles in energy availability and consumption.

Clou ESS enable you to:

ØConsume all the solar and wind energy you produce, on-demand, when you need it

ØControl utility energy costs that rise based on time of day or demand charges

ØReduce or eliminate your dependency on the grid

ØHave backup power during grid outages for critical household needs


As a transmission or distribution operator, imagine being able to solve network congestion quickly, upgrading substations within weeks, or being able to integrate distributed renewable power smoothly and efficiently without wasting energy.  Clou Energy Storage understands the subtle nuances of battery applications and can match the right technology to the right site to give grid operators that capability.

Our utility scale energy storage will transform the way we produce, deliver, and consume electricity. With storage, utilities can rely on a cleaner, more efficient energy mix while deferring costly infrastructure upgrades. Our ESS defer transmission and distribution work (T&D) upgrades and investment forgrid.

Reduced diesel use and increased efficiency for micro-grids

Micro-grid, whether located on a true geographical island or simply isolated within a building complex, present unique energy challenges such as high diesel costs, renewable integration or the need for black-start capability. For such applications, Clou ESS provides smart energy management options to enhance efficiency and lower costs.

Due to the lack of alternate energy sources, micro-grid operators often rely heavily on diesel generators, despite high operating costs and slow response times. Many generators are not run at maximum efficiency, which can lead to cost and maintenance issues. By applying our customized solutions, it is possible to substitute for diesel use, which can reduce pollution, costs and resource usage. We also provides backup power and black-start capability to get the micro-grid back up and running if the generator fails.

Our ESS solutions could apply in high tolerance of severe environmental conditions that means the it can be located in the most extreme environments, while reducing or eliminating the operating costs of external heating or cooling systems. The ESS solutions can go wherever their operators decide to locate their turbines or photovoltaic farms.