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Peak-load shifting can be referred to as "peak shaving" or "peak smoothing." The Clou ESS is charged while the electrical supply system is powering minimal load and the cost of electric usage is reduced, such as at night. It is then discharged to provide additional power during periods of increased loading, while costs for using electricity are increased. This technique can be employed to mitigate utility bills. Our ESS also effectively shifts the impact of the load on the system, minimizing the generation capacity required.




Fluctuation of load contribute to unstable grid frequency. Clou ESS helps grid system operators maintain constant and smooth frequency. Energy storage based on lithium ion battery provides reliable and fast frequency response without being subject to fuel prices and with zero emissions. 


Clou ESS solution compensates for intermittency of renewable energy, such as wind and solar. To compensate for wind and sunshine’s variability and instability, we provides stored electricity to the grid and stable power output from renewable energy. Our ESS also provides a energy delay, balancing and backup, which applying smooth power put generation.

ØReduces output variability

ØImproves power quality


Clou Energy storage solution can be used to dramatically reduce reliance on diesel generation , which helping to cut fuel costs significantly. Our ESS are an ideal solution for off grid applications as they can accept a large depth of discharge, making them suitable to provide power during long grid blackouts.Our off-grid system range in generating capacity from kW’s to MW’s and provide power to a variety of users ranging from basic lighting to large commercial, industrial and military customers. Energy storage is used to enhance the stability and efficiency of off-grids by decoupling the generation source from the load.